Trigger an Automation on Email Open

Track Each Email Open in Infusionsoft, For Each Contact

Works with All Types of Emails

No Need to Create a Tags or Automation Links

Event-triggered campaigns perform 5x better than traditional batch campaigns

Refine your Email Automation

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What & Why

Why should you track Email Open?

How can it help you your business?


Engage with "openers"

Open Enrollment

What? Run actions when a contact opens your email - apply a tag or trigger an email sequence.

Why? Contacts that open your email are more qualified leads. Targeted emails will increase likelihood of a conversion.


RE-engage with "non-openers"

Send a re-engagement email

What? Check to see if someone opened an email. If not, send a kind reminder.

Why? Increase likelihood of your messages being read without blasting the entire list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create separate goals for each email in my sequence?

Yes, you can.

Can I use it with the new email builder?

Yes, you can use OpenTracker with all email builders.

How does OpenTracker detect email opens?

OpenTracker uses "pixel/image tracking" method. It inserts a tiny invisible pixel in the email, when that image is loaded, the goal would be triggered.

Is there any limitation?

There is none, it works with all HTML emails.

Is there any limit on how many emails I can send or track with this?

There is none. You can send as many as you need to.

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